Moolans Group had a humble and simple startup, after many hardships faced by the chairman, Dr. Varghese Moolan.

Varghese Moolan, after his graduation and work experiences in Madras and New-Delhi migrated to Saudi Arabia in 1981 and was appointed as the manager of Al-Saleh Group of Companies. During 1985 he started a Super Market, named “Vijay Foods” in Al-Khobar and started distribution of grocery items in the eastern Province of Saudi Arabia.

As per the growing requirement of groceries in Saudi Arabia, Varghese started an exporting company with manufacturing facility at Angamaly, Kerala, India, under the name ‘Moolans International’ and made the first export (against Letter of Credit) to Saudi Arabia during 1987, under the brand name ‘VIJAY’.

As the distribution developed, he struck a collaboration agreement with Engineer Khalid Al-Saleh, and both of them came to India in 1988, executed the second Shipment and recruited dozens of staff from India including his brothers, and regular exports commenced under letters of credit.

As the demand increased, more and more commercial properties, manufacturing units and super Markets were developed in India and the marketing networks slowly spread over to the five continents.

Today Moolans Group own more than 450 products under the Brand names Vijay, Jay, Moolans, Roma, Cleenex, Butterfly, Elite etc., and gets marketed in over 30 countries worldwide. In addition to the factories in India, Moolans Group has manufacturing units (in collaboration with) in Saudi Arabia, UAE, Oman, and China, along with sales offices, marketing networks, super markets, studio & Color-labs etc. in over a dozen countries.

Moolans Group has diversified its activities to Manufacturing, Importing, Exporting, Distribution, Chain-markets, on-line marketing, Green Energy solutions, Organic Gardens, Information Technology, Media Creations, Medicare and the end product – Social welfare and charity, under the name – Varghese Moolan Foundation.

The thrust areas in exports include but not limited to: Spices & Spice Powders; Curry Powders & Masalas; Spice oils & Essential Oils; Pickles & chutneys; Jams & Marmalades; Nuts & Dry fruits; Rice & Grain Products; Breakfast powders; Cereals & Instant foods; Noodles & Vermicelli; General & Ethnic foods; Lentils & Pulses; Bakery Products & Pastry; Chips & Nibbles; Beverages & Food Supplements; Oils & Soaps; Ayurvedic Products & Massage oils; Kitchenware & Utensils; Toiletries & cleaning chemicals; Fresh & Deep frozen foods;

Supported by the good will of brands, today, Moolans Group occupies an elevated niche in the world market of spices and allied foods.